Scott is a creative techie. He is a founder of Solar Light Films and the creator of, a professional network for filmmakers.

Scott was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1981. He enlisted in the US Army in 2000 and completed his service in 2008, while becoming a combat veteran and instructor somewhere in the middle. He graduated in 2006 with an MBA, then packed up everything and moved to southern California.

He created the Introduction to Home Brewing DVD in 2007. The DVD was designed to help people get started brewing beer at home and had an ulterior motive as a mini film school for Scott. The product is a successful title and gave Scott the experience he needed to move forward on larger endeavors.

Scott founded Solar Light Films in 2010 with his friend and writing partner, Robert Hall. Shortly after, Eva Pfaff joined the team and together they created the Butterfly Intro Video that is shown before their films. In that same year, he released Lurkers, a comic book. Lurkers was published by Cloud 9 Comics.

The team started production on Zombie Man in 2011 and completed the film in 2012. It has begun the festival circuit with excitement and positive reviews.

When not making movies, he runs a creative media agency, Team Wenger Inc. Between story and technology, he enjoys filling his days working both sides of his brain.

Web Profiles


Filmography / Creative History

Zombie Man (2012)
Writer / Director / Executive Producer
Back to Life (2012)
Seizures (2012)
Elements (2012, card game)
Filmkin (2011, website)
Lurkers (2010, comic book)
Introduction to Home Brewing (2007)
Writer / Director / Executive Producer
Brewium Radio (2007, podcast)